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Dog Tricks: Three Steps For Teaching A Dog To High Five

When you’re happy about something you may find yourself high-fiving one of your buddies. It’s time to get your dog in on the action too. Here is the way to train your dog how to high five:

1) Shake first
The saying goes that before you can run you have to walk. This situation isn’t any different. Before your dog can high five it will have to learn how to shake. In short you need to put your hand low, offer it to your dog and say “shake.” If the dog’s paw doesn’t move you can tap it lightly on the back of it to signal what you want then reward the dog with a treat once it obeys the command.

2) Want to take you higher
Now that the dog has the shake command down, it’s time to make a little adjustment. Start raising your hand a little higher and say “high five.” Your dog should assume that since your hand is out, you want something similar to the shake command. When the dog reaches up and hits your hand, give it a treat and move it up a little more.

3) Standing
You will obviously need to alter this for how tall your dog actually is, but eventually you should be able to stand up and have him high five you that way. Never try to have the dog reach higher than it can comfortably. Always be sure to reward your dog and seriously, what’s a better way to celebrate a game-winning basket?

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